An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit the visitor.

Food Inspection

All industries and businesses that deal with food and beverages must have a food safety inspection conducted. It consists of standardised steps to remove health risk factors.

The Health department has been arranged by Kitwe City Council to conduct health inspections. This is to help keep our city’s environment clean and safe. 

Burial And Cremation Service

We take care of all arrangements including Burials & Cremations. Permits are issued for this service to be rendered.

Fire Prevention And Control

Fire prevention and control is the prevention, detection, and extinguishment of fires. We offer such secondary activities as research into the causes of fire, education of the public about fire hazards, and the maintenance and improvement of fire-fighting equipment.

Firearm License

Issuance of the Firearm License and  Provisional Firearm Certificate is one of the services offered after filling in the application form and presenting all the necessary documentation required. 

Road Maintenance

Roads are regularly inspected for damage and preventative repairs are carried out to avoid accidents or more extensive work in the future. 

Pest Control

We have regulatory powers to eradicate pests, inspect, disinfect and fumigate vehicles. This is an Act to provide for the eradication and prevention of the spread of plant pests and diseases in Kitwe, and prevent the introduction of plant pests and diseases into Zambia.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is arranged by Kitwe City Council to collect waste and disposal of it. This is to help keep our streets clean and safe for the residents to use and vendors to conduct businesses.  All solid waste is placed into the garbage bins supplied by the  council for pick-up. 

Response To Dog Complaints

All dogs complaints filled, are responded to by the Council. This is to issue safety and animal control both domestic and wild. Dogs owners are required to have their pets registered and vaccinated.

Solid Waste Collection

Solid waste collection, transportation and disposal has been arranged by Kitwe City Council. This is to help keep our city’s environment clean and safe. All solid waste has to be thrown into the garbage bins supplied by the council and pick-up is done weekly. 

Beacon Verification

Beacons and boundaries lawfully established is an offence according to the Land Survey Act of Zambia. We are authorised to erect beacons for survey purposes and repair or re-erect beacons.
Authority to remove beacons is by KCC and all offences and compensation will be carried out.

Maintenance Of Parks & Gardens

Parks and |Gardens are maintained by the Council to sustain the beauty of our City Kitwe. This is also a chance to attract tourists and convince investors that they can stay and conduct business.